Get Law SA | About Us

Born out the need to innovate and adapt to ever-changing consumer needs, the #GetLaw platform was created by a team of innovative attorneys and digital professionals during level 5 of COVID-19 lockdown.

As a South African business, our network of experienced attorneys are situated across the country, each with their own specialty and legal focus areas.

The impact of COVID-19 on business and family has been a key driver in our digital transformation journey and cemented our business's need to adapt to a fast-paced & complex new environment. Our industry-leading online platform was created by putting client needs and privacy first. As the trend grows toward 'micro-transactions', eg consumer's purchasing fractional shares on the JSE or accidental insurance cover for a day, we saw an opportunity to enable legal services in much the same way.

Our mission is to help ordinary citizens take steps to exercise their legal rights in a safe and cost effective manner, using tools they're comfortable with, and providing them with the legal assistance they need.

We do this by:

  • Considering the key facts and potential outcomes of every case we receive;
  • Using our own contracted attorneys
  • Ensuring a purely-digital experience, helping to keep our costs lower than traditional attorneys
  • Offering ongoing assistance to achieve the best possible result wherever possible.

While all of this value is secured through the payment of a nominal fee, it is important to understand that our services are not intended as a full turn-key solution.

Our offering is a way for people to gather momentum, direction and information before being introduced to the right people by people who know who the right people are.

In short, we are built for today's tech-savvy consumer and seek to demystify the South African legal system, making you the priority.